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How to Damage Control Prejudicial Statements Made In a Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury New York CityAs soon as an insurance company learns that you were involved and injured in an accident, their adjuster will do anything possible to get a recorded statement from you that may ultimately be used against you during negotiation and/or trial. They will contact you immediately following the accident and may corner you into providing a recorded statement.

Although providing a recorded statement may not seem like a good idea in retrospect, you may have already fallen trap to the adjuster’s sneaky techniques when you were most vulnerable. However, hope is not lost as your New York personal injury lawyer may be able to take certain steps to damage control.

 2 Steps to Take in Damage Control

There are two steps your lawyer can take in dealing with any negative statements you may have provided the insurance company. The first step is for your attorney to check whether the statement the insurance company has is accurate. It is common for adjusters to alter statements or paraphrase them so that the meaning changes altogether. In such a case, your attorney will note the inaccuracy and deal with it accordingly.

The second step your New York personal injury lawyer will take is to review the statement you provided for any inconsistencies. The majority of statements obtained by insurance adjusters generally have some inconsistencies that make it unreliable for litigation purposes. Examples include the statement not being transcribed verbatim, obtaining a statement prior to injuries being fully documented, and omitting or delineating certain important parts of the statement.

If any of the two steps reveal that your recorded statement has faults, it may not be as damaging as the adjuster claims it to be.

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