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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I hire the New York Law Firm Gersowitz, Libo & Korek, P.C. to handle my case?

Personal Injury LawyerWe know you have a lot of options when it comes to personal injury attorneys in the New York area, which is why we’ve made it our priority to give you something you can’t find at every law firm  attorneys who are committed to your case, connected to the community, experienced, passionate about helping you and skilled in getting you what you deserve.

The Gersowitz, Libo & Korek Commitment

The attorneys at Gersowitz, Libo & Korek, P.C. know that being the victim of a personal injury can be one of the most devastating events of your life. They also know that it can be a challenge to go up against the large insurance companies and big corporations to get what is rightfully yours. We’ll do everything in our power to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Gersowitz, Libo & Korek Community Connection

When you hire Gersowitz, Libo & Korek, P.C. you are putting your trust in attorneys who have a strong connection to the community. Each of our attorneys is deeply involved in the communities of the clients they serve. They are familiar with its courts and judges and therefore they always know what to expect when it’s time to bring your case to trial.

The Gersowitz, Libo & Korek Experience

The personal injury lawyers have a combined total of over 90 years of experience advocating for people just like you who have been injured due to someone else’s negligence. We take every case as seriously as if it were our own and we’ll stop at nothing until we get you the results you deserve. Our clients, colleagues and the courts praise us for our ability to hit the ground running every time we accept a case and for being better prepared than all of our competitors. When you hire us, you can rest assured that we’ll aggressively pursue your case every step of the way.

 2. What should I expect a personal injury attorney to do for me?

When you hire Gersowitz, Libo & Korek, P.C.you can expect your New York personal injury lawyer to educate you about your legal rights, the legal basis of your claim and the damages you might be able to recover. Your attorney will advise you about what to expect throughout the process, communicate important information to you in a timely manner, represent you aggressively at all times and serve as your greatest advocate in the court system.

As your voice in your dealings with the defendants and their representatives, your personal injury lawyer will be a successful and honest representative as well as a tireless advocate for your rights. You’ll never have to wonder if someone is looking out for you and protecting your interests.

3. Why should I hire an attorney to help me resolve my personal injury claim? Can’t I just do it myself?

We get this question a lot and while we can certainly appreciate the temptation to give it a try on your own, the chances that you’ll recover everything you’re entitled to is difficult without the knowledge and experience of a personal injury attorney.

It’s a fact that hiring an attorney usually results in a higher net recovery to you for your damages. In fact, an insurance industry research institution who studied this very issue found that victims who were represented by attorneys ended up with more money in their pockets after attorney’s fees and costs than those without attorneys.

The bottom line is that working with an experienced personal injury attorney doesn’t cost you anything.

Gersowitz, Libo & Korek, P.C.will help you equal the playing field when you’re going up against insurance companies and big corporations and we’ll get you the results you deserve.

4. How does your law firm charge attorney fees?

Gersowitz, Libo & Korek, P.C.works on a contingency fee. This means that we don’t collect a dime from you unless we win your case.

5. Will I be expected to pay the entire up front costs associated with my case?

No. the law firm of Gersowitz, Libo & Korek, P.C. advances all costs for things such as hiring experts, conducting discovery and preparing for trial. These terms are clearly stated in the Fee Agreement you sign when you hire us. The only circumstance where you would have to pay back those costs is if we win your case.  If we don’t recover money for you, you don’t pay a dime

6. Will I be able to get my medical bills paid for?

This depends on your situation but, if you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to receive compensation for:

  • Medical and hospital costs.
  • Physical disability.
  • Mental anguish and therapy bills.
  • Pain and Suffering.
  • Lost wages.
  • Property damages.

7. What happens if we lose the case?

If Gersowitz, Libo & Korek, P.C. fails to recover monetary damages for you, you are not responsible for any costs to litigate the case.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a personal injury or accident, please contact Gersowitz, Libo & Korek, P.C. personal injury lawyers serving injured victims in New York and New Jersey.
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