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The Liability Nightmare: Citi Bike Fails to Address Concerns of Uninsured Cyclists

Bicycle Injury AttorneyCiti Bike has been a big hit in New York, with more than 30,000 annual members already signed up and riders having logged more than 270,000 miles since the debut of the program. But the success of this program may be shadowed by the liability that is placed on its uninsured riders.

Although riding a bicycle is not generally a dangerous mode of transportation, the busy streets of New York and its aggressive drivers can put cyclists at great danger. If you or a loved one has been injured while riding a bike, you should immediately contact a New York bicycle injury lawyer. We will help you determine if you are entitled to compensation.

Bicycle Injuries Are No Joking Matter

According to the NYC DOT, over 6,000 bicycle accidents were reported across the city in 2010. This number could be even higher given the overwhelming popularity of the Citi Bike program.

However, despite these alarming numbers, Citi Bike does not offer any type of insurance to its riders. This means you will be responsible for all damages incurred while riding a Citi Bike. You will be open to liability from accident and for the cost of lost or stolen bikes, not to mention the costs associated with any personal injuries you may suffer.

Although some users may be covered by their own personal health insurance policies, 14.8% of New Yorkers do not have health insurance, a statistic that may be higher among the bike-riding population. So, if you are among these individuals who do not have health insurance, you will have to pay for your Citi Bike related injuries out of pocket.

New York City urged Alta Bicycle Share, the company operating Citi Bike, to take out a $10 million insurance policy to protect itself from litigation. However, this policy does not protect its riders. In fact, the policy restricts riders to only $100 claims against Alta. This is nothing compared to the potential cost of medical bills, lost wages and other expenses that victims of bicycle accidents may incur.

How an Attorney Can Help

Bicyclists, more so than anyone, should consult an accident attorney after an accident. They may have no other recourse if they are struck by automobile and suffer serious injuries. As such, it becomes imperative that you immediately consult with an experienced New York bicycle injury attorney if you are injured. Our experienced attorneys act quickly to ensure you get the care and compensation that you deserve.

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