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New York Surgeon’s Medical License Suspended

Medical Malpractice AttorneyNew York residents may know that doctors have a responsibility to provide patients with the utmost care. When doctors fail to live up to these obligations, too often a misdiagnosis or surgical error results in serious personal injury, and sometimes even death.

Recently, a vascular surgeon, Dr. Robert W. Cohen, who was on the medical staff at Upstate University Hospital’s Community campus, had his license temporarily suspended and was ordered by the State to find a new medical specialty.

The order for the license suspension says that Cohen was involved in providing negligent care to several patients at Community. The order sited the following instances:

  1. In one case, the state Board of Professional Medical Conduct concluded that Cohen failed to timely treat a patient who was admitted to the emergency room for acute appendicitis.
  2. Another case involved Cohen failing to adequately assess the quality of a patient’s blood vessels below the region of the surgery site.
  3. In a third case, Cohen performed multiple surgeries on another patient at Community without properly evaluating whether the surgeries would benefit the patient.

After Cohen’s 30-day medical license suspension, he can only practice if he enrolls in another medical residency program, a training period new doctors go through after medical school to learn a medical specialty under the supervision of other physicians. After completing medical residency, Cohen will be placed on probation for 36 months.

Patients Deserve Better

Doctors should be held to the highest standards of professional care for their patients. Any misconduct by their medical practice methods should not be tolerated. Our New York City malpractice attorneys understand that any inappropriate behavior by a physician should not be tolerated by the victim or his or her family.

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