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Sexual Harassment on the Job

workplace sexual harassmentSexual harassment may manifest in various forms, tones and styles from industry to industry. A healthcare professional may experience less noticeable harassment than a waitress or vice versa. An office worker may experience sexual harassment from a co-worker he or she works with every day, while a construction worker may experience harassment from a third-party contractor he or she has never worked with.

While not all sexual harassment laws may be clearly defined, they are enforceable. If you have experienced sexual harassment at work or at a work-related function, you should immediately speak with a workplace sexual harassment attorney to protect your legal rights and seek justice.

What Is Workplace Sexual Harassment?

There are two types of workplace sexual harassment. The first type is commonly referred to as “hostile work environment” sexual harassment. And the second is called “quid pro quo” sexual harassment.

  • Hostile work environment: This type of harassment can happen in generally one of two ways. The first way is when someone you work with makes you the target of unwelcome sexually suggestive or demeaning comments, repeated and unwelcome requests for dates, offensive gestures or touching, or intimidating behaviors. The other way hostile environment harassment happens is if your employer provides less favorable conditions of employment to you than to your opposite sex co-workers because of your gender status.
  • Quid pro quo: Quid pro quo workplace sexual harassment occurs when a superior asks or demands sexual contact from you in return for employment benefits or promotions.

If you believe you have been subject to any type of sexual harassment at work, it is important to immediately contact an experienced workplace sexual harassment attorney to protect your legal rights and seek justice.

What To Do If You Are Being Sexually Harassed at Work

If you believe that you are being sexually harassed at work, you need to consider taking the following steps:

  • Report the harassment to management and request that it be immediately dealt with to make it stop.
  • Tell your harasser to stop or at least let the harasser know the offensive behavior is unwelcome.
  • Cooperate with your employer’s investigation of your complaint.

You should also consult with a workplace sexual harassment attorney who understands the necessary steps that must be taken to seek justice. You may be entitled to compensation and you need an aggressive attorney to help you get the full compensation that you deserve.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorney

If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual harassment at work, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Although no amount of money will undo the harm caused, it can bring a sense of justice and closure for victims. For more information or to consult with an experienced NYC workplace sexual harassment attorney, please call Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. at 800-529-9997.

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