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Revel Scooter Service Racking Up Injury Lawsuits Months After Launch

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Revel, a scooter-rental service company, has only accelerated mayhem on the streets of Queens and Brooklyn by endangering the lives of riders and others alike through inadequate training and faulty parts, a series of lawsuits claim.

It takes only $5, a valid driver’s license and Revel’s smartphone app to ride one of the 1,000 electric-powered scooters the company has rolled out in the boroughs since May 2019. No training is required. Although the company offers lessons, they are not required before hopping on one of the two-wheelers, which top out at 30 miles-per-hour. This level of ease has turned outer-borough traffic into a high-stakes road test.

Revel is now facing a growing number of personal injury lawsuits. In one lawsuit, a bicyclist claims he suffered a broken ankle in a collision with a Revel rider near York and Gold Street in Downtown Brooklyn. The suit claims Revel “was vicariously liable for the reckless, careless and negligent acts of its driver.” In another lawsuit, the Revel rider claims that a moped locked up on him mid-ride, causing a crash that left him with two fractures in his leg.

Revel provides up to $50,000 in liability insurance to users if they are involved in a crash. But that insurance is only available if users comply with all of Revel’s rules and regulations, and only if they don’t have their own motor vehicle insurance, which would be used as the primary insurance instead.

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