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Doctor’s Advise Against a Fun Childhood Pastime: Jumping on Trampolines

Jumping on trampolines has been a favorite childhood pastime for many years. However, as fun as it may be, parents and children may not be aware of the dangers associated with this classic form of play. Even though parents may not be aware of the dangers, doctors are. In fact, doctors are now taking a firm stance against children jumping on trampolines.

The Research Speaks For Itself

According to a recent study, about one million Americans visited the emergency room for trampoline related accidents between 2002 and 2011. Approximately 288,876 people, many of them children, suffered serious injuries such as broken bones. The average age for the more serious injuries was 9-years-old.


Even more alarming is the fact that this data does not account for the injured trampoline jumpers who visited urgent care facilities or who did not seek treatment at all.

The Doctors Respond

In response to these shocking numbers, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a report in 2012 cautioning parents that children get injured on trampolines more than adults. The report also advised parents to ensure that safety measures are in place if they choose to allow their children to jump on trampolines.

In general, pediatricians are actively discouraging the recreational use of trampolines. They continue to advise parents and caregivers that trampolines are not a toy, but a piece of equipment that accompanies many risks, especially for children. Despite all the warnings, children will still continue to jump on trampolines and doctors will still need to treat any resulting injuries.

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