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The Important Steps You Need to Take After a Car Accident

Car AccidentEvery year, thousands of Americans are involved in car accidents.  Although modern safety features prevent injury in many of these accidents, there are still tens of thousands of accident related injuries and deaths every year.  With the chances of being involved in a car accident so high during your driving career, it is important to know what to do after an accident.

Safety First

After an auto accident, it is important to assess yourself and any passengers in your car for possible injuries before trying to move.  You should only exit your car if you believe that you can do so safely.  If not, you should stay in your vehicle and call 911 and wait for help to arrive.

If you decide to get out of your car, you should be aware of possible dangers:

  • Traffic, especially if you are on the freeway
  • Debris
  • Vehicular hazards, such as a car fire
  • Environmental hazards, such as damaged buildings or roads

Gather Information

The next step you should take is to gather as much information about the accident as possible. This includes exchanging information with any other drivers involved in the accident. You should also get the contact information for any witness to the accident.  Taking pictures of the scene of the accident will also help your case.

File An Accident Report

If the police did not come to the scene of the accident, you should still file a police report. Logging an official explanation of how the accident occurred is an important step toward resolving the question of who caused the accident.  If liability becomes an issue down the road, a police report may be invaluable in proving your case.

Get the Advice of a New York Car Accident Lawyer

Last but not least, it is important for you to immediately consult with an experienced New York car accident attorney. A good attorney can help you understand your legal rights and help you get the full monetary compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

We Can Help You If Your Are Injured

When you are injured as the result of the wrongful acts of another motorist, you need to hire an experienced Accident Lawyer New York City to protect your legal rights. The attorneys at Gersowitz Libo & Korek P.C. have more than 39 years of experience and knowledge to aggressively fight for your rights and get you the full extent of monetary compensation that you deserve.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our New York car accident attorneys, please call 1-800-529-9997.

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