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Important Road Safety Tips for Bicyclists

bicycle accidentThe Coronavirus pandemic no doubt changed the way most of us lived our lives for the better part of 2020. We are slowly turning towards a sense of normalcy as more Americans get vaccinated, resulting in the lowered risk of getting the virus. People are starting to go back to their normal activities and enjoying their lives as they did before the pandemic.

With summer here, many are choosing cycling as their main source of transportation or fitness. However, as things go back to normal and the roads become busier with cars, bicyclists need to be more cautious on the road.

5 Bicycle Safety Tips

Regardless of where or when you are riding your bike, your safety and the safety of those around you should always remain a priority. The key to safely riding your bicycle is to always remain aware of your surroundings. You should never assume that others on the road can see you and you should always obey all laws of the road.

Below are 5 important tips to help you stay safer on your bicycle:

  1. Stay vigilant. As the roads become busier, it is unavoidable to avoid biking in traffic. It is important that you are vigilant of your surroundings, especially of motorists on the road. You should even make eye contact as much as possible with drivers to make sure you are not in their blind spot.
  2. Avoid biking on sidewalks. Although some states permit biking on sidewalks, pedestrians always have the right of way. It may be difficult for bicyclists to abruptly stop to avoid pedestrians walking, resulting in injury to both you and those walking.
  3. Be careful of road construction. If you bike in an area with roads, there is a great chance that you will eventually encounter road construction, which can be even more hazardous to bicyclists. As such, it is important that you stay extra vigilant when you ride your bike in a construction zone.
  4. Always wear a helmet. Regardless of how old you are or how long your bike ride will be, you should always wear a helmet. Even if your state does not require it, wearing a helmet while biking is a good idea and can prevent serious injury to your head in the event of an accident.
  5. Follow the rules of the road. Just like motorists have to follow rules of the road, bicyclists also have to follow certain rules when biking on the road to ensure everyone’s safety. As a bicyclist, you are immersed in traffic with other vehicles and bikers. So, before you get on your bike and hit the road, make sure you know the rules of the road and are ready to follow them.

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