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Six Biggest Cruise Ship Hazards in 2021

cruise ship accident attorneyAfter 15 months of being on pause due to the Coronavirus pandemic, almost every cruise line has a phased in ship relaunch plan for this summer. All of the major cruise lines report high bookings from excited passengers who have been anxiously waiting a reopening.

We are on the threshold of re-opening one of the most powerful and sought after travel industries that services millions of people worldwide. However, just as in the past, passengers must still be mindful of certain pitfalls, dangers and injury threatening activities while on cruise ships. If you find yourself or a loved one injured on a cruise ship, you should consult with an experienced New York cruise ship accident attorney to determine if you have any legal recourse against the liable parties.

6 Biggest Hazards on Cruise Ships

While cruise ships can be a fun vacation option for the whole family, they can also pose some distinct risks for passengers, potentially resulting in devastating injuries, illnesses, and trauma. The following are the five most common cruise ship hazards that can threaten passenger safety:

  1. Slip and fall accidents
  2. Illness outbreak
  3. Cruise ship collisions
  4. Crew sexual assault
  5. Fall hazards
  6. Defective equipment and surfaces

Traditional passenger injuries and losses may be enhanced, depending on the training the crew has received in the past 15 months of the pandemic, as well as physical inspections/repairs to the dormant ship during the “lock down.” The re-opening crew may be new and inexperienced or otherwise untrained to handle the everyday hazards of cruise ships. As such, injuries may be even more prevalent now than they were before the Coronavirus shut down.

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If you or a family member is seriously injured while sailing on a cruise line, you may have a valid claim against the cruise line or cruise ship owner. Our experienced New York cruise ship accident attorneys are compassionate in handling your accident claim, yet aggressive in holding the responsible parties accountable. We understand no amount of money can undo the harm, but it can bring a sense of justice and closure to the injuries and harm you suffered.

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