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How to Avoid E-Scooter Injuries as Accident Rates Rise

electric scooter accidentE-scooters have become a common sight on the streets of New York and are helping redefine the way New Yorkers navigate the city. However, while people are embracing e-scooters throughout the city, as well as across the country, there is real reason to be concerned about the impact on safety. There has been a sharp increase in e-scooter accidents in recent years, especially over the past year and a half during Covid.

With the scooter programs not likely to go away, it is imperative that riders take all reasonable measures to avoid accidents while riding an e-scooter.

The Rise of Injuries for E-Scooter Riders

In 2018, Americans took more than 84 million trips on micromobility devices, with approximately half of those trips being on e-scooters. Given the increase in e-scooter ridership, experts predict the market for e-scooter services will exceed $12 billion by 2025.

Unfortunately, with the rise of e-scooters on the streets, there has also been a sharp increase in the rates of accidents and injuries. According to the CPSC:

  • Between 2017 and 2019, micromobility devices resulted in approximately 133,000 emergency room visits, with the majority of the visits attributable to a sharp increase in e-scooter ridership.
  • Emergency room visits involving e-scooter accidents and injuries increased from 7,700 in 2017 to 14,500 in 2018 and to 27,000 in 2019.

Important Steps to Help Avoid E-Scooter Accidents and Injuries

Many different factors can be attributed to e-scooter accidents. However, safety research shows most are due to falls, collisions with cars, road hazards, distractions, and mechanical issues.

If you or a loved one plans on riding an e-scooter, some steps you can take to reduce injury risks include:

  • Always wear a snug-fitting helmet while you ride
  • Avoid wearing clothing that restricts your movement while riding
  • Be aware of the features and capabilities of the e-scooter you are riding
  • Follow all traffic laws and always avoid riding on the sidewalk
  • Focus on your path ahead and beware of pedestrians and vehicles in your immediate path of travel
  • Avoid distractions and riding under the influence

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