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Tips for Giving a Video Deposition

Personal Injury AttorneyA video deposition is legal testimony that is videotaped instead of recorded by a stenographer in preparation for trial. This form of deposition allows the attorney to play back the resulting footage to the jurors or judge instead of reading the witness’ testimony. If you have been requested to give a video deposition, it is imperative that you are adequately prepared.

Preparing for Your Video Deposition

In general, video depositions have a bigger effect on a personal injury case because your words will not be the only thing the jury will be provided at trial when portions of your deposition testimony is presented.  If the video is played at trial, the jury will also see your demeanor and overall body language, which can significantly impact how they perceive you as a witness.

As such, it is imperative that your New York personal injury lawyer properly prepares you for giving a successful video deposition that will not negatively impact your case. Below are some important factors you should consider:

  • Look directly at the camera when answering questions. This is important because when looking at the camera you are in essence looking the jury in the “eyes”, which is important because it will create sympathy to the information you are providing.
  • If pointing to an exhibit, make sure the camera follows you. If the videographer does not show the exhibit you are referencing, the jury will not see it either.
  • Maintain proper body language. Sit up straight, do not fidget and remain calm while talking.
  • Talk in a clear and audible tone of voice. Your tone of voice is a direct reflection on your level of confidence. As such, your New York personal injury lawyer will advise you to talk loud and clear when answering questions.
  • Dress appropriately.  The way you dress and appear on camera is important to the overall image you are trying to portray.

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