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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Construction Industry

impact of covit 19 on construction industryAs our nation starts to temper its expectations for re-opening businesses impacted by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, employers and construction workers are preparing themselves for a “new normal” that may last far beyond the immediate future. Although many industries must face these new realities, those in the construction sector will return to a trade that has been significantly altered by the public safety and economic impacts of COVID-19.

3 Way COVID-19 is Changing Construction

Construction workers are facing major changes as they start to go back to worksites in New York City and across the country. These changes are leading many contractors and developers to redefine their processes and project performance. Below are three ways the coronavirus pandemic is changing the construction industry:

  • Redefining Worksite Safety

The coronavirus pandemic may not be the same type of work-related hazard construction workers are accustomed to, but it has highlighted the importance of workplace safety. Most employers in the construction sector have already started to implement new practices for containing the virus and keeping workers safe. Some of these include:

– Staggered start times and shift work
– Checking temperature of workers before the start of each day
– Controlling access to worksites and increasing security/perimeter control
– Comprehensive disinfection policies for tolls, machinery, and work surfaces
– Increased access to sanitizing rub and hand washing stations
– Social distancing policies

  • Increased Use of Technology

The coronavirus outbreak has accelerated the proliferation of technology in helping most industries, including construction, to perform tasks that were usually or only done in person. In the construction industry, specifically, technology is increasingly being utilized by developers and workers to engage in most routine work tasks to limit the number of in person interaction.

Some of the technological advancements being used in construction include:

– Web-based tool to allow engagement with customers and the public about proposed and ongoing projects without the need to meet in person
– Remote technology process to allow regulators and building department to do inspections
– Use of tech tools that allow employers to remotely take workers’ temperatures

  • Longer Project Timelines

More safety procedures and adhering to new safety guidelines mean it will take longer to complete projects. Less workers on worksite due to social distancing, more time for cleaning and more stringent worksite prep means the days of fast-tracking projects may be over. Although this could result in a big change for developers and a need for them to rethink job planning, it may be a good thing for workers who will benefit from more time to better focus on safety while doing their job.

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