Cydney Korek Presenting at NYSTLI SUBWAY SERIES 2021: Keep Up with the Newest Developments in Bus and Subway Litigation

cydney korek

SUBWAY SERIES 2021:    June 22 & 24, 2021        6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.          Register Here Ms. Fiero, a 36 year-old hairdresser was injured when she fell into an open subway vent in the sidewalk in Brooklyn. Ms. Fiero retained GLK, who then commenced an action against the City

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Concerning Rise in Use of Paraquat Weed Killer Despite Well-Known Risk of Dangerous Toxicity

Parkinson’s Disease

Paraquat is a weed-killing herbicide that has been restricted to commercial use only due to its high toxicity level. Despite the well-known and medically documented health dangers of the commercial-grade chemical, the toxic herbicide continues to be manufactured, sold and utilized regularly throughout the United States. Although farmers and agricultural laborers are mostly at risk

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Collisions Between Bicyclists and Pedestrians on the Rise at Outdoor Restaurant Sheds in NYC

Pedestrian accident

More changes are seen in New York City as the coronavirus pandemic eases and businesses start to reopen throughout the city. One visible change is the use of outdoor space by restaurants for open-air seating. Although this may be a good idea in conception, it is not without risks and dangers. Bicyclists riding at a

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Multiple Accidents in NYC Leave Several Pedestrians and Others Critically Injured

New york car accident

One day after a car fatally hit a pedestrian on a Manhattan sidewalk and injured 5 others after jumping the curb, another NYC driver jumped the curb in Brighton Beach in Brooklyn and killed an elderly pedestrian. The 97-year-old decorated World War II veteran was killed by a 79-year-old driver on the afternoon of Wednesday,

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Who Is Responsible for My Construction Site Accident?

construction site accidents

The construction industry is no doubt one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Construction sites can be a hotbed for serious accidents that result in tragic injuries, both for workers and passersby. There are many ways in which equipment, tools, or plans may fail, resulting in dangerous risks for workers and anyone else

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DOT Launches Remote Video Inspections to Help Prevent Construction Site Accidents

construction safety rights

Inspections performed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) is an integral part of keeping New York City construction sites safe and preventing dangerous construction site accidents. The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has proven that new online technologies can sometimes be utilized to replace in person meetings or visiting locations in order to save time

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NYSTLA Past President Edward Gersowitz Remembers Hon. Paul Feinman

A Remembrance of Paul G. Feinman by Edward H. Gersowitz  How can one aptly memorialize a friend whom most knew only from his vaulted position as a judge? Paul started his career as a Legal Aid attorney and then rose through the judicial ranks to become the history making first openly LGBTQ+ member of the

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How to Keep Safe While Riding an Electric Scooter in NYC

electric scooter accident

The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) recently announced the launch of a new scooter pilot program to prevent accidents and make the rides safer for users. New DOT commissioner, Hank Gutman, promised during a recent conference that the new dedicated bike lanes in the East Bronx will provide safer rides for scooter users

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