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Four People Injured In Kings Point Boat Explosion Accident

Four Family Members Injured When Boat Exploded In Kings Point, Long Island KINGS POINT, NEW YORK (September 21, 2022) – At least four people were injured in a Kings Point, Long Island boat explosion for undetermined reasons. Long Island police officials are saying that the incident began around 4:10 on Friday. Four family members were

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Two People Injured In Fishers Island Boat Accident

Two People Treated For Injuries After Fishers Island Boating Accident FISHERS ISLAND, NEW YORK (September 18, 2022) – Two people were injured near Fishers Island after two boats collided in the water. Long Island police officials are saying that the collision took place around 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. Two boats collided in the water under

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UPDATE: Carol Fontana Injured In Brewerton Boat Accident On The Oneida River By Route 11 Bridge

Carol Fontana Suffered Head Injury In Onondaga County  Boat Crash In Brewerton On The Oneida River Not Far From Route 11 Bridge ONONDAGA COUNTY, NEW YORK (August 23, 2021) – A woman identified as Carol Fontana was injured in a boat accident on the Oneida River in the town of Brewerton. Onondaga County police officials

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Common Causes of Accidents of Cruise Lines

There are over 22 million cruise passengers per year leaving U.S. ports. As a result, cruise passengers sourced from the United States accounted for 61 percent of all passengers carried by North American cruise lines. Overall, the growth in the cruise industry in the U.S. rose 2.4 percent to $20.1 billion in 2013. While this

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Medical Malpractice on Cruise Ships: Negligent Doctors on the High Seas

Maritime Law is slowly beginning to adapt to the modernization of the massive cruise line industry. Cruise companies are able to bypass many laws and regulations that consumers are accustomed to on the mainland. One such regulation is providing medical care while at sea. Although cruise liners now have medical staffs and facilities, there are

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