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New Jersey School District Pays $4.2 Million to Bullied Student

Most would agree that school districts have some moral obligation to prevent bullying, but there is an open question of whether a district is legally responsible for failing to act when they knew about a threat. A New York school district recently settled a lawsuit for $4.2 million after a middle school student was paralyzed

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Doctors Admit to Lying to Patients

Have you ever felt that your doctor wasn’t being completely honest with you about all of the tests they were performing and your diagnosis? It turns out that you could very well have been right. The AP recently published an article  Lauren Neegaard- February 8, 2012) and revealed some frightening statistics. The article summarized the

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Tragic Bus Accident Kills 14 in New York

A tragic New York bus accident on I-95 took the lives of 14 passengers and injured 19 others. A private bus company was hired to bring 31 people back from the Mohegan Sun. The bus left the casino very early on Saturday morning. At approximately 5:30 AM, the bus crashed on I-95 in Westchester County, crashing through

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4 ½ Year Old Has the Mental Capacity to be Held Negligent

Justice Wooten's ruling does not mean that the 4 1/2 year old child is guilty of negligence for striking the 87 year old woman with her bike, but that it will be up to a jury to determine if she is negligent.

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BP Waives Liability Cap for Some Damages Claims

According to the Associated Press, BP confirmed earlier this week that they will waive the cap, but only for certain claims. One of the lead plaintiffs attorneys, Ervin Gonzalez, said he was satisfied that the filing by BP will definitely waive the cap, claiming. They can't get around that language.

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