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3 people Injured in Propane Tank Explosion Resulting in Massive Fire

fire accidentThree people were injured and two houses caught on fire after a propone tank exploded in East Meadow, Long Island, NY earlier this month. The flames from the fire, which started in a house located on 7th Street, reached two propane tanks located on the side of the house, resulting in a massive explosion. The intensity of the fire caused the house next door to catch on fire as well. One victim was hospitalized and two others received care at the scene. It took the firefighters three hours to extinguish the fire.

Although New York City restricts the use of propane tanks, their usage is common throughout the rest of the state for heating water, heating house and grilling. Propane explosions and deaths may not be that common, but when they happen they are extremely destructive and dangerous. The most common injuries resulting from propane tank explosion include severe burns.

Common Causes of Propane Explosions

The most common cause of propane explosions is related to gas grilling. When a propane gas tank is left open, it leaks in a closed gas grill. The propane released by the tank builds up in the closed space and if it is ignited or close to a flame it will cause a fire ball.

In the Long Island explosion, the tank exploded after being exposed to high heat. When a propane tank is exposed to high heat the pressure inside the tank is higher than the pressure it can release, resulting in a boiling liquid expanding explosion or BLEVE. Propane tanks are equipped with a relieve valve that automatically opens when the pressure inside the tank is too high. This valve is designed to prevent BLEVE. However, when the heat is too intense, the valve may not be sufficient to prevent an explosion.

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