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Will There Be Costs in Addition to My New York Car Accident Attorney’s Fee?

Car Accident AttorneyThe fee that you pay for your New York car accident attorney compensates him for his time and expertise. It also helps him defray certain overhead costs, such as office rent, secretaries’ wages, and office supplies. It does not, however, cover out-of-pocket expenses incurred for your case specifically. Some of these expenses include:

– Photocopies. Insurance companies will want copies of your medical reports, medical bills, police reports, and lost income statements. Your attorney will need to pay to make these copies (usually a certain amount per page).

– Expert reports. Most personal injury cases will necessitate at least a doctor’s report. If this report has already been written and copying the report is all that needs to be done, the cost can be low. If you need your doctor(s) to write a new report(s), the cost can be hundreds of dollars and often more. In some cases, you will also need reports from other experts, such as accident reconstructionists. These experts will also charge for their time.

– Photographs. Your New York car accident attorney may decide that photographs are needed in your case. Having photos taken costs money, as does having them printed and enlarged.

– Telephone calls. Your attorney may charge you for required long-distance telephone calls.

– Costs of filing suit. If you and your attorney cannot reach a settlement agreement with the insurer for the person who caused your injury, there will be certain costs associated with filing a lawsuit.

Your New York car accident attorney may be willing to charge on a contingency basis, which means that you will need to pay his fee only if you are successful in obtaining a settlement or a court award. However, you will have to pay these miscellaneous costs whether or not you are ultimately successful. You will need to talk to your attorney ahead of time to work out how you will reimburse him.

If you are in need of a New York car accident attorney and are not already represented, please fill out the form on this page for a free evaluation of your case.

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