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Ways Insurers Attempt to Wrongfully Deny New York Car Accident Claims Improper Denial Letter

Car Accident AttorneyIf your claim is denied, never simply assume the insurance company is in the right. Some insurers attempt to lie to or bully their policyholders in an attempt to cheat them out of their rightful claim. Here is a list of signs that may indicate your claim is being wrongfully denied and that you may need the assistance of a New York car accident attorney.

  • Your insurer does not cite specific provisions in your policy in support of denying your claim.
  • Your insurer cites nonexistent or falsified provisions in your policy in support of denying your claim.
  • Your insurer cites provisions in your policy that are irrelevant to your claim.
  • Your insurer makes no reference to the details regarding your claim (the nature of your injury etc.).
  • Your insurer attempts to avoid sending you a copy of the policy when denying your claim.
  • Your insurer attempts to reserve its right to further defend its policy after denying your claim.
  • Your insurer asks for information regarding your claim after denying your claim. (Such information is usually used against you.)
  • Your insurer asks for irrelevant or unnecessary information. (Such information may be used to try to prove a meaningful investigation into your claim occurred when in fact no such investigation is taking place.)
  • Your insurer, upon receiving your claim, accuses you of lying on your insurance application, and declares your policy invalid.

If your denial letter contains any of these signs, or you have any other reason to suspect your claim is being wrongfully denied, contact the New York car accident attorneys at Gersowitz, Libo & Korek by calling 1-800-529-9997.

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