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Texting While Walking: The New Accidental Hazard

one man careless man walking on the telephone in silhouette studTexting while driving is against New York law. For years, it has been the subject of many policy debates and legislative initiatives. Almost every state, including New York, has laws targeting distracted driving, mainly the buzzword for texting while driving. Texting while walking is now receiving similar attention. The dangers of texting is not only limited to driving. Texting while walking can also lead to serious accidents.

The Data Behind the Walking Texters

In general, we spend a large portion of our time looking at our phones, even during important activities, such as walking. According to a 2013 research, 70 percent of Americans admit to texting and walking. Distracted walking, especially when done by so many people at the same time, can result in serious accidents. In fact, the evidence is conclusive that texting while walking can be as dangerous as texting while driving.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are thousands of accidents and fatalities each year involving distracted pedestrians. Additional research shows that 10 percent of these pedestrian-related accidents, which often lead to visits to the emergency room, are a result of texting while walking. Serious injuries include broken legs and concussions, back and neck trauma, and even traumatic brain injuries.

No Laws Against Texting While Walking – Yet!

As a society, we are so addicted to electronics, including our smart phones, that enforcing a ban on using a cell phone while walking on sidewalks or streets would probably result in rebellion and non-compliance. However, many states have attempted to ban distracted walking. For example, Nevada tried, but failed, to pass a law against texting while crossing a road. Several other states have also started the campaign against texting while walking.

Although there is currently no law against texting while walking, it is best not to engage in this activity. The bottom line is that putting away your phone and paying attention to where you are walking is the responsible thing to do to avoid accidents.

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