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Is Tesla Responsible Self-Driving Car Accident Death?

Self-Driving Car AccidentSelf-driving cars are no longer science fiction. Companies like Tesla have made this technology into reality. Tesla has introduced a vehicle equipped with an Autopilot feature that allows drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel and their foot off the gas pedal and/or brake.

Although this may seem like a great concept, it can be very dangerous in many different driving conditions. Case in point is the fatal Tesla car accident in May 2016. The loss of Joshua Brown, 40, was a tragedy and a setback in the advancement of self-driving cars. This fatal accident also brings up the question of whether Tesla and possibly other such car companies, can be held responsible when their driverless features cause an accident or fail to save the driver’s life.

Tesla Admits Fault

Self-driving car technology, such as the Tesla Autopilot, is designed as an innovative method of helping cars avoid car accidents on their own. However, in the case of Joshua Brown, it was the Autopilot’s failure to function properly that caused the fatality.

In this case, Tesla released a statement that its Autopilot system failed to automatically apply the brakes because it did not detect the white side of a large 18-wheel truck and trailer against the bright sky as it crossed the highway. Tesla further pointed to the height of the trailer and a set of “extremely rare circumstances” that resulted in both the Autopilot and the driver himself failing to detect the trailer blocking the road ahead. The accident caused the Tesla Model S to go right under the trailer of the truck.

Tesla Fatal Accidents Prompts Federal Safety Investigation

This recent fatal Tesla self-driving car accident, which promises to be the first of many tragic accidents to come, has prompted federal safety officials to investigate the Autopilot technology. Tesla has publicly defended the efficiency of its system and continues to stand by the belief that their Autopilot system is safe when used properly. The company has no plans to recall the currently 70,000 vehicles that use the feature to date. However, if any issues are found with the Autopilot system, it could result in a huge product liability lawsuit.

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If you or a loved has been injured due to a defective self-driving car system such as the Autopilot in Tesla cars, you should discuss your legal options with an attorney as you may be entitled to compensation.

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