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Reckless Driver Speeds Through Red Light, Critically Injuring Woman in a Lyft Car

reckless driving - Lyft car accident New york CityA mother of six children is fighting for her life after suffering serious injuries in a car accident in New York City. The 32-year-old victim was in the back of a Honda Accord driven by a Lyft driver crossing the intersection of Dekalb Avenue and Bedford Avenue with the light in their favor, when a reckless driver speeding down Dekalb Avenue in a Dodge Charger ran the red light and the back of the Lyft car.

The impact of the crash was so severe that the victim was ejected from the Honda which spun around, crashed into another parked car and jumped the curb to finally stop right in the front entrance of a deli. The victim was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. The Lyft driver and the Charger driver both suffered minor injuries.

The police identified the Dodge driver as 22-year-old Ryan Ortiz from Middletown, NY. His car was souped-up with vanity plates “SCR3AM” and a wrap-around design from the horror film Scream. Videos on social media from a few hours before the accident, which occurred a little bit after midnight, show the car performing “donuts” in the Kings Plaza Shopping Center parking lot.

Why You Need an Experienced NYC Car Attorney

A serious car crash can result in disabling injuries that cost a veritable fortune to treat. Victims and their loved ones are often left wondering how they will ever physically, emotionally and financially recover after an accident. Although no amount of compensation can undo the harm caused and help you overcome the trauma of a serious injury, it can give you the financial stability you need and the justice that you deserve.

With the help of an experienced New York City attorney, you can get compensation for:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Emotional and mental trauma
  • Out of pocket expenses

Contact Our New York Car Accident Attorneys

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in any type of traffic accident in New York City, you need to immediately contact an experienced New York City Car Accident Attorney to protect your legal rights and get you the full compensation that you deserve. An experienced attorney can get you compensation for your medical costs, loss of wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering and any other related damages.

For more information or to consult with an experienced New York City accident attorney, please call Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. at 212-385-4410.


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