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New York JUUL Addiction Lawyers

JULL attorneyJULL is a new type of e-cigarette that has become extremely popular among young people. As a company, JULL has around 50% of the e-cigarette market share. JULL devices operate by heating up a cartridge that contains oils in order to create vapor. The company advertises their products as an “alternative” to traditional cigarettes and claims that it is designed for adult smokers. However, JUUL comes in a variety of flavors including mint, mango and crème brulee which are meant to appeal to young people. In fact, JUUL recently settled a $14.5 million lawsuit with Arizona after the state alleged that they were illegally targeting young people with their advertising. 

Using JUUL products can have serious health implications, especially for children. According to the Truth Initiative, one cartridge of JUUL has the nicotine equal to a pack of cigarettes. Nicotine is an addictive drug and using it during adolescence can adversely impact brain development. Though JUUL lacks many of the carcinogens of traditional cigarettes, evidence suggests that adolescents who use e-cigarettes are more likely to begin smoking cigarettes in adulthood. Young people who have become addicted or otherwise been harmed by JUUL may have legal recourse through a personal injury claim. The JUUL addiction attorneys at Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. are here to help you. They can examine all of the facts of your case and let you know if you have a valid legal claim that can be pursued. You can contact us at 800-529-9997. 

The Health Effects of JUUL Use

Companies like JUUL have marketed their products as a safer alternative to tobacco products. But this is misleading. As discussed earlier, e-cigarette use during adolescence often leads teens and young adults to start using tobacco products. Secondly, there are a number of other health consequences associated with using JUUL and other e-cigarette devices that contain nicotine.

  • Vaping has been linked to an outbreak of lung injuries and deaths. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed a total of 2,807 cases of e-cigarette use linked to lung injuries and 68 deaths. Many people who use these products are now suffering from lung disease or asthma. Research from Johns Hopkins has shown that popular e-cigarettes contain thousands of unknown chemicals.
  • There is a growing body of research that e-cigarettes like JUUL are bad for your heart. The substances in JUUL can increase your heart rate and make it more likely that a user will have a heart attack. Those that survive are also more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.
  • Both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes contain nicotine, which can be as addictive as heroine or cocaine. In fact, many e-cigarettes have more nicotine than traditional cigarettes. Far from being a tool to quit smoking, using e-cigarettes like JUUL makes people more likely to become addicted to nicotine products. 

Aside from the health risks associated with the chemicals in JUUL products, a growing number of people have been seriously injured when their e-cigarettes have exploded. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, “Reports of 195 separate e-cigarette fire and explosion incidents in the U.S. were found, dating from January 2009 to Dec 31, 2016. In 68 percent of these incidents, 133 acute injuries were reported.” Victims of JUUL e-cigarettes may have legal recourse through a civil claim.

Liability For Injuries and Addiction From JUUL Use

All companies have a legal obligation to create products that are reasonably safe. They must also warn about the non-obvious dangers associated with the use of their products. Companies like JUUL must warn the public about the known health risks associated with e-cigarettes. They must also avoid selling to people who might be more vulnerable to the risks associated with their products. Plaintiffs attorneys across the United States have argued that JUUL Labs, Inc has breached their duties in numerous ways by:

  • Failing to sufficiently warn users about the dangerous of JUUL and how addictive nicotine products can be. 
  • Failing to prevent the sale of their products to minors. 
  • Creating advertising campaigns that would appeal to adolescents.
  • Failing to adequately research and test the long-term health effects of their products.
  • Claiming that JUUL is not harmful.
  • Misleading consumers about the levels of nicotine in JUUL compared to traditional cigarettes. 

Sadly, though, JUUL has fought hard to deny all of the claims that plaintiffs have brought against them. In this regard, JUUL is following in the footsteps of their predecessors – i.e., Big Tobacco. Indeed, there is a long history of tobacco companies marketing to children and denying the negative health effects of cigarettes. This was true long after the evidence linking tobacco to lung cancer became overwhelming. Unfortunately, many people who have used JUUL products or are currently addicted may not realize the full extent of their injuries for some time. This is why it is so important to seek legal guidance as early as you can if you have used JUUL in the past. 

Getting Legal Help After Using JUUL

glkIf you or a loved one has been injured or become addicted to JUUL at a young age, you may have legal recourse through a civil claim. Damages can help cover medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Our team of highly experienced JUUL addiction attorneys at Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. have the skills and experience to get you the justice that you deserve. 

They will fight hard to get you the full and fair compensation that you need. They have over 30 years of experience helping victims and standing up to the  corporations that believe they can harm people with impunity. There is a reason that so many families have chosen our legal team when they needed help. We will not let anything get in the way of securing a victory for our clients. Whether you just have legal questions or need some type of assistance we are here for you. You’re always welcome to reach out to us anytime at 800-529-9997. 



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