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Pokemon Go – Exciting Game Leads To Serious Injuries

Pokemon Go AccidentsThe times we are living in are presenting us with new and unexpected challenges to public safety. Case in point is the recently released and outrageously popular augmented reality game – Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm almost as quickly as the franchise had in the 1990s after its original debut.

The “Pokemon Go” Game

For those not familiar with this craze, Pokemon are cartoon creatures that originally rose to fame in a popular video game series for Nintendo. In July of this year, Pokemon’s popularity surged amongst nostalgic millennials after the franchise released a location-based, augmented reality game for mobile devices, “Pokemon Go.”

The game is a mobile app developed by Niantic Labs that allows players to see virtual Pokemon on their mobile devices while navigating real-world locations. The goal of Pokemon Go is to capture as many Pokemon as possible. The likelihood of the capture increases by walking to different locations and covering as much ground as possible.

Although the game has become an overnight sensation and boasts the positive result of encouraging players to leave their homes and walk around in order to catch Pokemon characters, the game has also had some unexpected consequences – physical injuries.

Injuries Resulting From Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go AccidentsThere have been countless slip, trip and fall accidents as a result of the gamers not watching where they were walking – they were staring at their mobile devices instead of their surroundings. Pokemon Go players have fallen into ditches and holes, run into street signs, walked into walls, and taken spills on skateboards – all because they were glued to their smartphones.

Some gamers are also driving while playing Pokemon Go, which is obviously a serious accident waiting to happen. Playing this game is similar to texting while driving, which is against the law and can be dangerous or even deadly.

Liability for Pokemon Go Accidents

With numerous accidents resulting because of people navigating their gaming world through a cell phone screen, the question that needs to be asked is who is responsible for these accidents. The game manufacturer or the game player?

Although every case is unique based on its own set of facts, it will almost be invariably the players who will be held responsible for their actions and any accident that is caused by them. The bottom line is that if playing Pokemon Go results in injury to themselves or others, they are the negligent party. Holding the manufacturers, Niantic Labs, liable for any resulting injuries or damages will be a difficult task. Moreover, players of Pokemon Go are required to sign a lengthy and detailed waiver, which indemnifies the manufacturers of the game from responsibility for any injuries sustained or even death, along with responsibility for any laws that a user may violate while playing the game.

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