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Pedestrian Crushed to Death by Remotely Started Car in NYC

pedestrian accidentA pedestrian was crushed to death by a car in Queens, New York when the vehicle owner accidentally activated the vehicle via remote control. The victim was standing between two parked Lexus cars on 148th Street on December 20, 2019 around 10 p.m. when one of the cars was remotely started by its owner and started to roll forward, pining him to the other car. Bystanders ran to his rescue and pushed the car back, but the car moved forward again causing the victim to sustain critical injuries. He died in the hospital the following day.

The Dangers of Remotely Starting a Car

Most Lexus owners opt to purchase the remote engine starter as an add-on to their car upon purchase. This feature allows owners to start their car’s engine from outside the vehicle and to activate the air conditioner, the heater or the defroster before getting inside the car. The vehicle, however, is not supposed to move after it is remotely activated.
The user manual does provide the following warning to vehicle owners: NEVER remotely start the engine if you are unaware of the circumstances surrounding the vehicle as it may cause a life-threatening situation for those located in the vehicle’s vicinity.”

In June 2019, Lexus manufacturer announced that it was planning to install automatic engine shut off and automatic park features to prevent roll-away, which have been linked to previous motorist injuries. This feature automatically shifts the car to park and applies the parking brake if the driver exits the car without doing it. These new features, however, were most probably not installed in the 2002 Lexus IS300s that killed the victim.

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