Officer Refuses CPR to Asthmatic Girl; Girl Dies at Hospital

Medical Malpractice LawyerCarmen Ojeda was driving the wrong way down a one-way road in Brooklyn. Why? Her daughter was having a severe asthma attack, and she was taking the most direct route to get her to a hospital in time to save her life.

The end of the street was blocked and Ojeda had already hit a parked vehicle while maneuvering down the wrong way, so she stopped the car and spotted a police car close by. Ojeda begged and pleaded the officer, Alfonzo Mendez, for help for her daughter, and allegedly, the officer refused to help, claiming he did not know CPR.

Several witnesses on the scene stepped in to try and help the 11-year old girl. Finally, after about a five minute delay, Mendez escorted Ojeda and her daughter to the hospital. Her daughter was pronounced dead at the hospital.

If this officer had acted sooner and listened to the cries for help from the mother and people in the crowd, would this young girl still be alive?

To read more about the incident, check out the Wall Street Journal’s article from today:

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