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New Jersey Police Misconduct Attorney

Police Misconduct AttorneyPolice misconduct cases represent a particularly difficult threat to our system of justice. While many police officers are honest, upstanding people who put their lives on the line to fight for our protection, there are some who take advantage of their power and end up hurting the very people they swore to protect.

Victims of police misconduct find themselves in a challenging position. Besides the physical and emotional trauma, they often have to endure the shame and frustration of having their complaints dismissed or ignored, assuming they choose to pursue a complaint at all. It is difficult to persuade people in positions of authority to listen to complaints of police brutality, and fighting the police can be a great struggle. This is why you need the help of a New Jersey police misconduct attorney with experience handling police misconduct cases.

Types of Misconduct

False arrest — Law enforcement officers are permitted to only arrest or detain those for whom they have probable cause to do so. If the police did not have probable cause and arrested you, your civil rights were violated. Sometimes the police engage in unfair discriminatory practices such as racial profiling, and victims may be eligible for compensation for the humiliation and confinement they endured, as well as for lost job opportunities and other damages as a result of a false arrest.

Excessive force Some police officers overstep their authority when dealing with citizens. The law protects everyone from excessive police violence, even those accused or convicted of a crime. Law enforcement officers are permitted to use force only to control a situation.

Unjust imprisonment

If you were detained for a crime you did not commit, you may be eligible for damages for pain and suffering.

Experienced and Effective Representation

If you have been the victim of police misconduct, you will want to contact a New Jersey police misconduct lawyer as soon as possible. Victims generally have a limit of 90 days to file a claim under the law. Bringing a claim against law enforcement can be a complicated and frustrating process, and you will need knowledgeable and experienced police misconduct attorneys fighting for you every step of the way.

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