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New Jersey Injury Lawyers Expose the Lie of Tort Reform

New York Injury LawyerMuch ado has been made in the news recently about tort reform. Politicians and Congressmen frequently go on TV and give interviews decrying high jury verdicts, complaining about the harsh impacts of large settlements on the medical system, and urging the need for drastic, comprehensive tort reform to cut down on excessive jury awards.

However, it’s all a lie. The fact is that the majority of these large awards are reviewed by the Appellate Courts to determine the reasonableness of the jury’s decision. Thus, the supposed dangers of high jury awards are just a smokescreen to advance a cause that takes away the rights of average Americans and is harmful to average citizens who don’t have access to the Court. Tort reform laws are primarily lobbied for by well-funded, anti-consumer groups working for insurance companies. They are intent solely on boosting profits for the insurance company.

What Is the Result?

The result of not exposing the lie of tort reform is that patients who are injured and who suffer from incorrect medical decisions have to bear not only the physical toll of medical mistakes, but also the financial costs. Furthermore, it has been shown that there is no correlation to tort reform and the cost of medical care or malpractice premiums for physicians. As New Jersey personal injury attorneys, we are well-aware of how problematic this can be.

Tort reform does not help reduce healthcare costs. A study by the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies looked at the effects of tort reform in Texas, and found no evidence that 2003 reforms had reduced healthcare spending or spending trends.

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