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Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants: A Serious Issue

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Medical Malpractice LawyerStudies have shown that approximately 500,000 patients who have metal-on-metal hip implants might be at risk, and a New York medical malpractice lawyer can tell you that the issue is becoming more and more prevalent each day. The issue was initially revealed to the general public by news headlines back when a study was done in 2010 that ended in a recall of the Johnson & Johnson implants after research indicated that metal ions were leaking into the patients’ bloodstreams at a high rate.

Recalling hip replacements is certainly not an easy task, however, with the surgery costing thousands of dollars and being exceptionally difficult on the individual patient both financially and physically. For instance, experts have said that the cost to tax payers (and medical insurers) for replacing failed hip replacements could be well into the billions of dollars.

The Problem is Getting Worse

The issues and problems stemming from prosthetic devices are not new at all. It’s been over 10 years since Sulzer Orthopedics was made to pay 6,800 patients $1 billion to settle the claims of those who got artificial hips and knees that were tainted with industrial oil during their manufacturing. However, any New York medical malpractice lawyer will tell you that the situation now in 2012 is staged to make that event look like a small hiccup because the issues today are worsened due to the high numbers of manufactures that are based outside of the U.S., which makes them harder to watch and even harder to bring into Court to be held accountable for their wrondoings.

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