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Legal Options After a Fatal Car Accident

Car Accident AttorneySeveral teens lost their lives in a Long Island car accident on the Southern State Parkway in October 2012. The lone survivor of the crash, a teen who only had his learner’s permit, should not have been driving without adult supervision in the vehicle. When a tragedy like this happens, the families often want to know if the deaths could have been prevented. If negligence contributed to an accident, the family may have legal options. In these situations, you and your loved ones should speak with a New York personal injury lawyer who is experienced in investigating and negotiating car accident claims.

Factors in Car Accident Lawsuits

Many factors can contribute to a fatal car accident. If one or more of the drivers was at fault, a negligence claim might be possible. Drug or alcohol use sometimes impairs drivers and leads to accidents. Other information, such as road or environment conditions, or driver history, could also be relevant to a claim. A complete investigation of the facts is often needed before you can find out if a lawsuit will be possible. An attorney can offer an objective viewpoint.

Although a settlement does not erase a devastating tragedy, an accident victim and his or her family should talk to an attorney about just compensation for the injuries suffered. If loss of property or loss of wages occurred, or if you incurred overwhelming medical bills, you may be able to recover those damages as well.

Representation by a New York Personal Injury Lawyer

You might ask why you need an attorney to represent you in a car accident lawsuit. A personal injury or accident claim often includes evidence and requires expertise in the relevant laws. If insurance companies are involved with the case, as they often are, you should consult an attorney before accepting a settlement offer. Don’t take the first offer without discussing just compensation with a New York personal injury lawyer. Contact Geroswitz Libo & Korek, P.C., at 800-529-9997 today to schedule a free consultation.

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