Injuries and Deaths Due to Falling Trees – It’s an Incredibly Real Problem

Personal Injury New York CityWith 2.5 million trees in the parks and green areas of the city of New York, it is undoubtedly a daunting task to ensure that trees that are dying or decaying are getting proper treatment. Proper care of trees is essential to avoid a catastrophic event – the injury or even the death of a person resulting from falling limbs or trees in our fine city parks.

If you have been a victim of this type of incident, contact our New York personal injury lawyers. We work with individuals to ensure they get the compensation they need in cases like this.

Is This a Real Problem?

The New York Times recently reported that tree-related deaths are a real problem. In the last decade, 10 lawsuits brought against the city have to do with the injuries and deaths from individuals in the park system. The report indicates that three people died because of falling tree branches in the city. Numerous others sustained serious injuries resulting from branches or trees falling. New York City paid millions in damages for these claims.

How Is This Happening?

How can a tree be the problem? In most cases, the parks did not have anyone inspect the trees. In other cases, the issues were known to those with the ability to trim them, but the city did not trim the trees in adequate time.

Lack of a labor force to monitor the is not necessarily the cause. In fact, during the lawsuits, numerous parks officials and supervisors noted they did not know how to identify the decaying trees.

In most cases, neglect is a problem. That is why our team of New York personal injury lawyers helps individuals to get the compensation for medical bills or even loss of life they deserve.

What Can Be Done?

Some are calling for more advanced training for those working in the parks system to ensure they know when to spot potential problems. Others say the task is too large since these professionals already have to inspect park equipment, handle litter, and access other conditions. Falling trees can be a very dangerous and even life threatening. If you have been injured because of falling trees or branches, contact our New York personal injury attorneys to discuss your case in depth.

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