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Growing NYC Pedestrian & Bicyclist Death Toll Linked to Driver Negligence

car accident attorneyNew York City launched the “Vision Zero” program with the goal to eliminate all fatalities on city roads. Despite the program’s goals, however, traffic deaths remain high – especially for pedestrians and bicyclists. The culprit for these unfortunate deaths remains the usual careless drivers.

Although the high profile safety plan showed promising signs for road safety promotion, the death toll of traffic-related accidents rose significantly last year. A recently published New York Times article shows the following compiled city data and reveals sobering facts about the state of safety and Vision Zero on the streets of New York City:

  • At least 221 people died in traffic crashes in 2019
  • 124 pedestrians were killed in NYC traffic accidents
  • 28 bicyclists died in bicycle accidents (the highest in 20+ years)

Although New York City has vowed to build over 200 miles of protected bike lanes for bicyclists, experts claim that exploring the underlying causes behind the fatalities can help direct additional efforts towards more stable, long-term solutions.

Motorists Are Usually at Fault for Fatal Crashes

The Times article further states that much of the problem behind the growing number of accident-related deaths has to do with driver negligence. In fact, according to New York City Police crash data, as reported in the Times article, bicyclists faced the greatest risks of deadly crashes when riding in Brooklyn.

The data also shows that although traffic related fatalities were dropping prior to a recent spike, there has been a 20% increase since de Blasio took office. There were approximately 10,000 more traffic accident-related injuries in 2019 than in 2014.

The Need to Keep Drivers Accountable Behind the Wheel

Although lawmakers are taking additional measures to crack down on reckless drivers, the best way to promote a meaningful reduction in accidents is to instill a sense of heightened accountability in drivers. Drivers need to realize that most of these fatal crashes are preventable.
Moreover, drivers should also be held accountable for their actions. In most of these deadly collisions, the drivers did not face serious consequences. Of the 28 fatal bicycle accidents last year, for example, only 4 drivers were arrested. 8 of the motorists were only cited for traffic violations. The bottom line is that in order reduce the number of fatal crashes, we need to hold drivers accountable for their reckless and negligent actions.

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