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First Failed By Her Doctors, And Now Failed By an Absurd New York Statute

Medical Malpractice LawsuitsThe lives of many New Yorker’s have turned upside down by medical malpractice. And on top of this devastation, they are victimized a second time by an archaic and illogical state law that prevents them from getting the legal compensation and justice they deserve.

Amongst these cursed New Yorkers is the story of Marilyn Veritzan, that was published in a New York Daily News article on March 3, 2013. Vertizan was taken to a Nassau University Medical Center in 2009 after a car rear-ended her minivan. Although a CT scan of her spine found no fractures or injuries, it did reveal a partially imaged density in the left lung apex and a nonspecific 2 mm sub-pleural node, stated the article.

The ER doctor did not mention the node but did order a chest X-ray to make sure the shadow on the CT Scan was not a red flag, according to the article. Although the chest X-ray proved normal, it was the wrong test to detect the troubling shadow.

The article noted that Veritzan has since learned the proper standard of care, which was a CT scan of her lungs, would have made the difference in her cancer diagnosis one year later from a Stage 4 incurable cancer to a Stage 1.

The article further reported that the devastating news was not over as a medical malpractice lawyer also informed Veritzan that under New York law she was three months past the 15-month statute of limitations to file suit against Nassau County, a municipal hospital, for failing to order the correct test.

Although no amount of money would make her cancer go away, it would at least give her peace of mind knowing that the physicians are held accountable for the substandard medical care they provided her and her children would be taken care once she has passed.

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