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Fighting Hospital-Acquired Infections With the Simple Task of Hand Washing

Medical Malpractice Lawyer“Wash your hands.” It’s an easy task that all medical care providers at hospitals should follow in order to minimize and avoid hospital-acquired infections. However, this simple, yet life-saving rule, is not always respected, leading to as many as 10 percent of hospital patients in the U.S. getting sick from hospital-acquired infections, also referred to as nosocomial infections.

Studies have shown that without encouragement or negative reinforcement, hospital workers wash their hands as little as 30 percent of the time that they interact with patients.  These alarming numbers have led many hospitals, such as North Shore University Hospital in Long Island, New York, to invest in Big Brotherish approaches of coaxing their staff into using more soap and water, or alcoholbased sanitizers like Purell.

North Shore has followed in the footsteps of other major hospitals to adopt a video monitoring program, which was originally adapted from the meat industry, to track its employees with cameras to see how often they wash their hands. However, technology is not the only means of coercion. Other hospitals, such as Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan, are using other cheaper alternatives, such as giving red cards to employees who fail to exercise proper hand hygiene.

But the big puzzle remains as to why healthcare workers are so hesitant to use proper hand washing hygiene. Among the explanations some studies have offered are complaints about dry sin, the tedium of hand washing every few minutes, and even resistance to authority.

Regardless of what the reason may be, lack of proper hand hygiene may lead to preventable infections, causing longer hospital stays and resulting in additional medical costs to not only the patients but also the nation as a whole.

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