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Federal Government Encourages Patients to Report Medical Mistakes

Personal Injury attorneyNew York personal injury lawyers often help victims of medical mistakes. However, a successful lawsuit often requires documentation of the mistake. Medical records may be important, but patient reporting may also be relevant in a claim.

The federal government is trying to improve the systems used to record medical mistakes, according to a recent New York Times article. In September 2012, the Obama administration stated its support for the prototype of a system which would allow patients to report medical mistakes directly and efficiently.

The reporting system would rely on questionnaires taken online or by telephone interview. Each questionnaire would ask the patient to describe the details of the event. The patient would also need to identify any harm suffered and explain whether he or she had reported the harm to the doctor or another health care professional. In addition, the questionnaire would ask the patient for an opinion about the cause of the medical mistake – for example, poor communication skills, a lack of time or effort, cultural differences, uncooperative staff, or a lack of coordination between care facilities.

After the system gathers information, researchers from the RAND Corporation and the ECRI Institute. As of September 2012, the American Medical Association was undecided as to its opinion on the prototype. If approved and implemented on a wider scale, the system could change how the federal government tracks and researches medical mistakes.

How to Begin a Medical Mistake Lawsuit?

Patient reports can help to document medical mistakes. If you or a loved one have suffered as the result of a medical mistake, you may have the basis for a personal injury lawsuit. An experienced attorney can assess the potential claim and explain your legal options. Contact Gerowitz Libo & Korek, P.C., New York personal injury lawyers, at 800-529-9997 for a free consultation.

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