Doctors Admit to Lying to Patients

Medical Malpractice AttorneyHave you ever felt that your doctor wasn’t being completely honest with you about all of the tests they were performing and your diagnosis? It turns out that you could very well have been right. The AP recently published an article  Lauren Neegaard- February 8, 2012) and revealed some frightening statistics.

The article summarized the findings of a 2009 Massachusets researchers  survey of over  1,800 doctors  nationwide.

Twenty percent of those surveyed admitted to not fully disclosing a mistake that they had made, and 30%  didn’t feel that a doctor should always admit to a mistake. The findings did not specify why doctors felt that way or what mistakes they had not disclosed. Ten percent  of doctors even  admitted to actually lying to a patient within the last year.

These findings raise major flags about the current healthcare system. If you can’t trust your doctor to be honest with you, who can you trust?

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