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The New York Scaffolding Law Is Favorably Applied to GLK Case Involving a Movie Set Under Construction

Section 240 of the New York Labor Law, known as the “Scaffolding Law,” imposes absolute liability for elevation-related injuries on contractors and property owners engaged in construction. The Scaffolding Law holds owners, contractors and their agents responsible for providing necessary equipment to keep workers safe from on-site falls. Since the enactment of the original Section

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Elevator Shaft Falls: The Fatal Story of One New Jersey Construction Worker

Construction sites are often poorly maintained and dangerous for construction workers. Elevators shafts are one of most hazardous parts of construction sites. Although an open elevator shaft can be clearly marked and barricaded to prevent accidents, most are not. Elevator accidents can cause catastrophic accidents or deaths to both the construction site workers and the

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Obama Immigration Reform: A Possible Game Changer For Construction Workers

Immigrants in New York account for nearly 60 percent of all fall-related deaths or injuries at construction sites. Even more alarming is that Hispanic construction workers are almost 30 percent more likely to get into work-related injuries than their white counterparts nationwide. Since incidents involving undocumented workers generally go unreported, the statistics are likely to

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How Many Reasons Do We Need to Prove That the NY Scaffold Law Is Still Much Needed?

New York has carved out a special provision in its Labor Law, known as the Scaffold Law, to provide injured workers, or the family members of deceased workers, a legal avenue to seek compensation from negligent contractors and property owners for injuries or wrongful death. This law has been a hot topic for Albany lawmakers

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New York Scaffold Law: The Infinite Reasons to Keep the Law Strong

Construction workers are employed in one of the most dangerous, but most important, jobs in the United States.  Without the efforts of these men and women, there would be no skyscrapers, bridges or buildings.  These workers risk their lives every day they are on the job. While it may be impossible to keep these workers

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