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2015: The Promise of Another Fatal Year For Construction

It’s no secret that construction is an inherently dangerous field to be in. Workers face many hazardous conditions that potentially cause devastating injuries. Every year, thousands of construction site accident are reported, many of which result in fatality. Although the construction industry has changed and new safety protocols have been introduced in an attempt to

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The “Sunshine Bill”: One More Step Towards Saving New York’s Scaffold Law

Construction in New York City is not like any other city in the United States. No other city has as many skyscrapers, bridges and other structures with so many workers building and renovating. As such, construction workers in NYC are more prone to getting into catastrophic and even fatal accidents because of failures to provide

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One Major Reason The Labor Union Supports the New York Scaffold Law

The construction industry is still one of the most inherently dangerous types of jobs in America. New York construction workers are no exception to the dangers of construction sites. From 2009 to 2011, there were more than 101 fatalities at New York construction sites. Moreover, 74 percent of the victims of fatal construction falls in

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New York’s Scaffold Law: The Critical Protection for Construction Workers

Construction remains one of the most inherently dangerous jobs in America. According to the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 20.3 percent of worker fatalities in 2013 were in construction. The leading cause of worker deaths on a construction site was falls, followed by struck by objects, electrocution and caught in-between. These are known as

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Iron Worker Crushed to Death By Steel Beams at Barclay’s Center

The New York Scaffold Law, a special provision carved out under the state’s Labor Laws, provides injured workers and the family members of deceased workers, a legal avenue to obtain compensation from negligent property owners and contractors. The New York Scaffold Law has been a debated topic for New York lawmakers. While big business lobbyists

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