New York Elderly Pedestrian Killed In a Truck Accident In Brooklyn

A truck in Brooklyn fatally struck an 81-year-old pedestrian on March 18th. The elderly woman was crossing the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Rockaway Avenue in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NYC. The delivery truck was going northbound on Rockaway with a green light when he made a left turn and hit her in the crosswalk. She was knocked down and the truck’s left rear wheel ran over her. The victim was transported to Brookdale Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The 36-year-old truck driver stayed at the site of the accident. He was not charged. Two other pedestrians have been injured...

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The Dangers of an Overloaded or Improperly Loaded Truck

18-wheelers seem to be on every road we travel. Although these comparatively massive vehicles are a necessary part of transporting goods across the country, they can also be dangerous – especially when involved in an accident with a car. One common factor found in most catastrophic truck accidents relates the load the truck carries. In an effort to promote safer roads, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has enacted strict regulations on how much weight truckers’ trailers can carry at any one given time. The FMCSA provides all commercial truckers with a handbook that outlines how to ensure...

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