New York City Bicyclist Killed In a Truck Accident In New York

On December 15th, a cement truck fatally struck a bicyclist as the trucker was making a right turn on the West Side Highway. The bicyclist was heading to the Greenway and was in the crosswalk of the West Side Highway at the intersection of West 55th Street. The police found the bicyclist unconscious at the scene, with severe head and bodily trauma. The truck driver stayed at the scene of the accident. He has not yet been charged. Police officials are investigating the accident to determine whether the truck driver failed to yield to the bicyclist. New York police...

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How to Safely Enjoy Your NYC Citi Bike

Riding a bike has become an even more popular and convenient mode of transportation on the streets of New York since the recent launch of the Citi Bike Share Program. Riders can pick up and drop off Citi bikes at various locations throughout the different boroughs of NYC. However, as convenient and enjoyable as riding a Citi bike can be, it also accompanies dangers when sharing the busy roads with other motorists and taxi cab drivers. In order to safely enjoy your New York Citi bike, you should consider the following safety guidelines: Always wear a properly fitted helmet,...

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The Liability Nightmare: Citi Bike Fails to Address Concerns of Uninsured Cyclists

Citi Bike has been a big hit in New York, with more than 30,000 annual members already signed up and riders having logged more than 270,000 miles since the debut of the program. But the success of this program may be shadowed by the liability that is placed on its uninsured riders. Although riding a bicycle is not generally a dangerous mode of transportation, the busy streets of New York and its aggressive drivers can put cyclists at great danger. If you or a loved one has been injured while riding a bike, you should immediately contact a New...

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