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Car Crash Into NYC Laundromat Injures 6 people

NYC LaundromatEight customers were inside the laundromat at the time of the accident. Six of the customers were injured. Amongst the injured victims was a pregnant woman who complained that she couldn’t feel her legs anymore. Some of the victims were injured as a direct contact by the car, while others were injured by the folding tables that crashed against them or bounced off the washing machines and dryers. According to the police, the 74-year-old driver apparently drove into the store by accident.

What To Do After a Car Accident

The immediate steps you take after an accident can significantly impact both your health and your legal rights. Many of the steps you take after a car crash are the same regardless of where the accident happens. Below are some important things you should do in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident:

  • Call the police and 911 – if you or someone else is seriously injured, you should stay where you are until the paramedics arrive.
  • Gather information – you need to collect important information of all parties involved in the accident, such as name, address, telephone number, insurance company, and driver’s license
  • Photograph the scene of the accident – take as many pictures as you can of the scene of the accident, including the license plate of the other driver
  • Seek medical attention – you should see a doctor even if you think you weren’t seriously injured and did not need medical attention at the scene of the accident. Symptoms of certain serious medical conditions may not surface until days or weeks after the accident.
  • Call an experienced Staten Island accident attorney – an attorney who specifically handles these types of accidents can help you protect your legal right and make sure you get the full compensation that you deserve.

Call a Staten Island Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury in a car accident that was caused by the reckless actions of another party, you may have a valid personal injury claim and be entitled to monetary compensation. For more information or to consult with one of our experienced Staten Island car accident attorneys, please call Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. at 1-800-529-9997.

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