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Will There Be Costs in Addition to My New York Car Accident Attorney’s Fee?

The fee that you pay for your New York car accident attorney compensates him for his time and expertise. It also helps him defray certain overhead costs, such as office rent, secretaries’ wages, and office supplies. It does not, however, cover out-of-pocket expenses incurred for your case specifically. Some of these expenses include: Photocopies. Insurance

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Top Causes of New York Car Accidents

According to statistics, there were over 10 million car accidents in 2012 in the United States. These accidents resulted in more than 40,000 deaths and numerous life-altering injuries. Car accidents happen for many reasons, most of which are avoidable. Your car accident lawyers New York have compiled the top causes of car accidents on the

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Ways Insurers Attempt to Wrongfully Deny New York Car Accident Claims Improper Denial Letter

If your claim is denied, never simply assume the insurance company is in the right. Some insurers attempt to lie to or bully their policyholders in an attempt to cheat them out of their rightful claim. Here is a list of signs that may indicate your claim is being wrongfully denied and that you may

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