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An Increase in NYC Crashes Related to Speeding During Coronavirus Pandemic

car accident attorneyA bicyclist tweeted a troubling picture of a car crash on the Williamsburg Bridge a few days ago. Although we don’t know the details of the accident, it looks like the motorist lost control of the car due to speeding. The tweeter is one of many New Yorkers who have complained on social media about witnessing cars speeding on empty roads in the city, using them as one would a freeway.

The Same Number of Tickets Issued in January Despite Reduced Traffic

A recent Streetblog article noted that over the course of one week in March, the number of street camera tickets issued was just as high as a week in January, when traffic was normal. It seems that New Yorkers who are still on the streets are ignoring speed limits.

Councilman Steve Matteo of Staten Island (R-Mid-Island) drafted a letter to the DOT requesting them to shut down school zone speed cameras during the pandemic. The councilman further asked the DOT to stop the installation of additional cameras during this time after a new camera was installed at the beginning of the week on Arthur Kill Road. Although schools are closed, they are still serving meals and, thus, there are still pedestrian activities around them.

The DOT responded that they would not shut off the cameras during the crisis. Although there are fewer cars and pedestrians on the streets, more New Yorkers are now avoiding public transportation and using other means of transportation, such as bicycles, instead. As such, more, not less precautions need to be taken to safeguard the streets and avoid serious and fatal crashes that require sending victims to the hospital. This is even more important during the COVID-19 crisis, when we need to preserve medical resources for those infected with the virus.

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