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Alexis Hughan Killed In Jamestown Hit-And-Run Truck Accident By Washington Street and West Sixth Street

Alexis Hughan of Jamestown Died In Hit-And-Run Semi-Truck Accident By The Intersection of West Sixth Street and Washington Street

Alexis Hughan Killed In Jamestown Hit-And-Run Truck Accident By Washington Street and West Sixth Street

JAMESTOWN, NEW YORK (January 3, 2022) – A 15-year-old girl identified as Alexis Hughan has tragically died in a hit-and-run semi-truck accident by the intersection of West Sixth Street and Washington Street.

Chautauqua County police officials are saying that the accident took place on Friday, December 31st. Alexis Hughan was hit by  a semi-truck that then fled the scene of the accident.

Paramedics were called to the scene of the accident in order to help the victim. Despite the best efforts of first responders, Alexis Hughan died due to the severity of her injuries.

Police were eventually able to locate the semi-truck driver believed to be involved in the crash. He was charged with driving while impaired by drugs and leaving the scene of a collision resulting in personal injury.

A full investigation into the crash remains ongoing at this time.

Liability In Jamestown Hit-And-Run Truck Accidents

Thousands of people are killed or seriously injured every year in hit-and-run car accidents. According to one report from AAA Newsroom,  “Over the past 10 years, nearly 20 percent of all pedestrian deaths were caused by hit-and-run crashes.” There are a number of steps that pedestrians, drivers and cities can take to help reduce the likelihood of being involved in a pedestrian accident.

  • Pedestrians: It’s important for pedestrians to always be aware of their surroundings. Most pedestrian accidents happen during the early morning hours and late evening when pedestrians are less visible.
  • Drivers: Every driver should slow down in areas where pedestrians are known to travel, especially school zones.
  • Cities: Local governments can help reduce pedestrian collisions by studying where and why accidents take place. Many pedestrian collisions are due to defects in the roadway.

Truck drivers are held to a high standard in terms of safety. They must get a commercial drivers license (CDL) and pass a knowledge and skills test. Operating a commercial truck is very different from operating a passenger vehicle. The qualifications for what is considered “impaired” are much stricter for commercial truck drivers. Under federal and state law, truck drivers must not operate their vehicle with a BAC  of 0.04% or higher. What many truck drivers don’t realize is that alcohol is not the only substance that can impair them.

  • Prescriptions: Many prescriptions can substantially reduce a person’s ability to drive their vehicle safely.
  • Over-The-Counter Drugs: Even over-the-counter medications can cause driver’s to become impaired.
  • Stimulants: Drugs like methamphetamines are occasionally used by some drivers to help keep them awake. But these drugs can increase aggressive and erratic driving behaviors.

Drivers can also face criminal sanctions of they flee the scene of a collision. Pursuant to New York Vehicle & Traffic Law § 600, drivers must remain at the scene of any collision that results in bodily injury or death. Violating this statute can result in fines and imprisonment. The at fault truck driver can also be held liable through a civil claim. In fact, the company that the truck driver worked for could also potentially be liable. Generally speaking, companies are liable for the negligent actions of their employees. There are a number of steps that should be taken after any truck accident.

  • Surveillance footage should be sought.
  • Photos of the accident should be taken.
  • Pieces of the fleeing vehicle should be examined. Even a small fragment of a fleeing car can identify its make and model.
  • Eye witnesses should be interviewed.

The family of any victim that died in a truck accident may be able to seek justice through a wrongful death claim. Damages can help cover lost wages, medical bills and funeral expenses. It is important that evidence is preserved after an accident. A wrongful death attorney can investigate all of the unique facts of your case free of cost and let you know what your legal options are.  There are, however, statute of limitations associated with being able to pursue civil claims.

Investigating A Jamestown Hit-And-Run Truck Accident

We at Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. extend our deepest condolences to the family of Alexis Hughan. Any person that may have information about what happened should reach out to police. There needs to be some accountability for what took place for the sake of the victim’s family. 

This accident also raises a number of safety concerns. Was this truck driver properly licensed? Were they working at the time of the crash? Could this tragedy have been prevented? It is our sincere hope that steps are taken to help prevent additional tragedies like this.


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