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219 People Died in New York City Traffic Accidents

pedestrian accident219 victims died in traffic accident in New York City in 2019, including 29 bicyclists and 122 pedestrians. The cyclist death toll was a triple-digit percentage increase from 2018, when 10 were killed. This was the first year there was an increase in the number of traffic fatalities since the launch of Vision Zero in 2014.

Broken down by boroughs, eight people were killed in Staten Island, 27 in the Bronx, 41 in Manhattan, 69 in Queens, and 74 in Brooklyn. The majority of bicycle related deaths, 18, were in Brooklyn. Brooklyn also had the highest number of pedestrian deaths. According to, reckless driving still remains the main culprit for fatal collisions, although drivers are rarely charged.

Summary of Fatalities in 2019 by Month

Below is a summary of pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities by month in 2019:
February: 2 bicyclists died in hit and run truck accidents; 5 pedestrians killed in collisions, including a hit and run school bus accident
March: 9 pedestrian deaths, including one killed by a MTA bus, another by a school bus, and two by hit and run drivers 1 fatal bicycle crash
April: 2 bicyclist deaths; 9 pedestrian deaths
May: 3 bicyclist deaths and 8 pedestrian deaths, including one fatally hit by the driver of a postal truck who ran a red light and struck him as he was in the crosswalk with his light green (postal driver was not charged)
June: 1 e-biker was killed by a drunk driver; 2 bicyclists and 8 pedestrians were killed in traffic collisions
July: 4 cyclists and 7 pedestrians were killed – all 4 bicyclists were killed by trucks
August: 9 pedestrians and 2 bicyclists were killed in collisions
September: 9 pedestrians and 4 bicyclists deaths – 4 of the victims were children
October: 3 bicyclists, an e-scooter rider and 6 pedestrians died in traffic related accidents – the e-scooter rider was fatally hit by a hit and run drunk driver who was later caught and arrested
November: 9 pedestrian deaths; a bicyclist was killed by a hit and run dump truck making an illegal turn and hitting him
December: 14 pedestrians, one of whom died after being crushed by a driver-less car; one cyclist

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